Programs by Industry

Fuel Marketers
Fuel Marketers

Program designed to insure petroleum and propane distributers, including wholesalers and common carriers.

Agri Business

Providing peace of mind, security and the strength for the nation’s leading Agri-Businesses.

Retail Service Station
Retail Service Station

Program designed specifically to insure retail gas stations and repair facilities throughout the country.

Inland Marine

We offer a Mono line Inland Marine Program for our Producer’s.

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Not getting true value out of your present insurance? We are an A.M. Best “A” rated company.

Wine Related Business
Wine Related Business

Enhanced coverages for Wineries.

Welding Supply Dealer
Industrial Gas & Welding Supply

Designed for companies that supply various gasses and hard-goods to the welding industry.

Street Sweeper
Street Sweeper / Pavement Maintenance

Fairmont Specialty Programs offers THE insurance solution for the pavement maintenance industry.

Welcome to Fairmont Specialty Programs Insurance Services

At Fairmont Specialty Programs, we know your business and how to insure it. We focus on a few select customer groups and offer a premium insurance product designed to protect:

  • Petroleum Jobbers
  • Propane Distributors
  • Oil and Gas Contractors
  • Retail Service Station
  • Agriculture (Wineries, Fertilizer Dealers, Feed Lots and Fruit / Nut / Vegetable Processors)

These are risky businesses – and accidents can happen. After many years of  experience in these specialties, we believe that these risks are manageable and that many accidents are avoidable.

Our expert safety engineers work with you to prevent accidents. However, if you do have an accident, you will be glad to have Fairmont Specialty Programs’ claim handling experience on your team.

Let us show you the Fairmont Specialty Programs difference.

Fairmont Specialty Programs